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Frredie est un homosexuel< Sujet prcdent  Sujet suivant >
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France.gif XxnatsiixX

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Inscrit(e) le: 30/09/2011
Post le 15-10-2011 13:10  
Frredie est un homosexuel

Frredie c'est un trou du cul de campeur de merde qui fait l'amour aux arbres toute la journe!

Mais on l'aime ce trou du cul! <3<img title="{#Very Happy}" src="images/icones/biggrin.gif" alt="{#Very Happy}" border="0" />

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France.gif FRREDIE

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Post le 16-10-2011 11:27  
RE : Frredie est un homosexuel

mdr toi tu peut te le foutre dans le cul ton an 94 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Post le 20-05-2015 22:48  
RE : Frredie est un homosexuel
you can not understand the sense of boibmng in search engines?You were surprised and shocked?you could not explain this phenomenon?yes!Do you hate / resent the search engine behaviour ?You seems it like a vile joke' / someone non-existent commits deliberate provocation whose task the manipulation of biomass (homo) or/and causes conflicts between influential individuals => provocation of war??(exaggerating)number of inadequate results by yours query = quality of the absurd in those results.removing the next bomb out from the search engine you do not make cleaner , do not get rid of problem . sorry but you yourselves have erected a prison in which themselves and concluded.[] Reply:Март 1st, 2010 at 16:12Wow, this is first English comment in my blog. Но можно было и по-русски сказать. Я понимаю, что представляет собой бомба. И я не говорил, что с помощью такой бомбы можно вызвать войну.[]Visitor Reply:Март 27th, 2010 at 00:28что представляет собой бомба?)[] Reply:Март 30th, 2010 at 15:37Статью почитайте.

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