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Wholesale Wooden Beads
Product type: Wooden beads
Theme: Seven different theme colors mixed for your options
Material: Wood in dyed.
Available size: from 10mm to 20mm assorted.
Available shapes: Round, Round with thread, Square, Hexagon, and Shapes with printings assorted.
Color and Shapes customization: It鈥檚 acceptable if you have the quantity.
Package: 80pcs, 90pcs or 100pcs assorted per zipper bag, saves you money and easy for resealable.
Application: Our wooden beads can be packed together with some other beads like the plastic beads, letter beads, glass beads or crystal beads if you want. Just have a look our big range of beads catalogs, I am sure it will catch your eyes! Or any indicated colors you want, we can accept it if you have the quantity. Or you can choose it first from our big range of base colors. Are you ready to begin the beads projects? Easy and Fun!
1. Products: There are so many different colors and shapes on the wooden beads. Is it difficult to choose? Varity of different color theme are available to offer and bulk samples in different shapes and colors are also available to offer for your own creation.
2. Package: Be good for transportation, Be good for storage and Simple for save money.
Value package, the display box and the plastic box are all available to offer.
1. Samples: They can be in free offered but freight paid to please.
2. How to reduce the MOQ: The more different theme you choose at the same time, the less MOQ for each we can offer. New products in big series can be developed easily once time!Wholesale Wooden Beads

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