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abc25afxxPosté 19/02/2020 03:03

Ture wireless stereo and noice cancelling earphone headphone bluetooth for mobile phone T15
T15 Bluetooth TWS Earphones V5.0
Clear & excellent stereo sound
Super comfortable ear-in wearing
Military material, Patent product
The Most competitive model
Sometimes a simple performance improvement will give the upgraded device a completely different meaning. For traditional Bluetooth devices, the emergence of Bluetooth 5.0 can be described as an innovation, but for T15TWS headphones, we may face a new device. With greater data throughput and more stable signals, we can not only get better sound quality music and more stable connection performance, but also improve power control so that headphone manufacturers can add more functions and configurations such as noise reduction, voice assistants and health monitoring sensors to TWS headphones, so that they can ensure the ideal endurance and reliability. Stability, can have a more intelligent experience than traditional headphones, this T15 earphone headphone bluetooth for mobile phone is specially designed for mobile phones, suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts to use. It is also suitable for home use.
China Wireless Earphone